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The HP t530 Thin Client series in iQuote

September 5, 2017

PROD_t530The first HP thin client made for the office of the future. Elegantly designed with essential performance and reliability, the HP t530 Thin Client meets the needs of today and the growing demands of tomorrow.

Whether doing offloaded processing or graphics rendering, you’ll get an amazing PC-like experience in the cloud with the newest AMD thin client technology.

The HP t530 has raised the stakes for thin client design. Get all the features needed in an exceptionally modern, compact device. And with quiet, solid-state operation and multiple deployment options, it fits perfectly into any workspace.

Now available in iQuote for the Americas region with the following models:

1MV66UA, 1MV66UT, 1MV51UA, 1MV51UT, 2DH77AA, 2DH77AT, 2DH78AA, 2DH78AT, 2DH79AA, 2DH79AT, 2DH80AA, 2DH80AT, 2DH81AA, 2DH81AT, 2DH82AA, 2DH82AT

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Best Performing Zero Client

July 10, 2017

HP t310 Zero Client

t310_ZC_tcm245_2369385_tcm245_2463541_tcm245-2369385Speed through workloads with the HP t310 G2 Zero Client. HP’s best performing zero client has the high performance you want and the security you need. Plus, deployment and management are simple, helping to get all devices up and running quickly.

Here are the key benefits to the HP t310:

  • Reduce lag and finish ahead of deadlines with fast boot and response times, even with 3D applications.
  • Improve productivity by connecting display and accessory add-ons with two additional USB ports and an extra DisplayPort™.
  • With no data stored on the HP t310 G2 Zero Client, your intellectual property stays safe on your secure server.
  • The HP t310 G2 Zero Client easily connects to VDI or cloud servers, including VMWare® and Amazon Workspaces environments.

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In AMS: 2EZ54AA; 2FU10AA; 1MV55UA; 2FU11AA; 1MV54UA


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Designed to turn heads

May 26, 2017

PROD_mt43Whether at your desk or on the go, the HP mt43 Mobile Thin Client offers industry leading reliability, elite processing power, and flexible connectivity for maximum productivity. Get an exceptional user experience with a backlit keyboard, large-format glass touchpad and expert audio tuning by Bang & Olufsen.


Here are some of its key features:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for Thin Clients.
  • HP Advanced Keyboard with dual-point, minor spill-resistant with drain and optional backlit.
  • Touchpad with on/off button, two-way scroll, gestures, two pick buttons, joy stick.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.
  • Integrated smart card reader.

The mt43 Mobile Thin Client is available in AMS and EMEA with the following models:

EMEA ‘A’ Models: Z9F98AA, Z9F99AA

AMS ‘A’ Models: Z9F98AA, Z9F99AA, Z9G00AA, 1FY23UA, 1FY24UA, 1FY25UA, 1NV99UA

AMS Smart Buy Models: 1FY26UT

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The HP T730 Thin Client

December 17, 2015

PROD_t730Goodbye add-ons, extras, and optional features. The HP t730 Thin Client, the world’s first thin client to drive quad UHD/4K displays natively, is ready to deploy in demanding environments right out of the box with an AMD quad-core processor, maximum interfaces, and OS and ISV choices.

This thin client is a premium performer and can run full VDI and local applications as well as render video to four displays. It is the ideal machine for anyone wanting to be more efficient with multi-monitor workspace as it will even allow up to six displays with the discrete graphics card.

HP’s exclusive thin client software includes HP Device Manager. HP Velocity and HP Easy Shell.

The following models are now available in iQuote:

AMS Smart Buy Models: P5V89UT,P5V91UT,P5V92UT,P3S24AT,P3S25AT,P3S26AT
AMS ‘A’ Models: P3S26AA,P5V89UA,P5V90UA,P5V91UA,P5V92UA
EMEA ‘A’ Models: P3S24AA,P3S25AA

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Premium Mobile Thin Client in iQuote

November 11, 2015

The HP mt42.

HP mt42 Mobile Thin ClientThe world’s thinnest, lightest, and most powerful quad-core mobile thin client. Access the cloud and virtual desktop with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for Thin Clients on a stylish and fully-loaded design without the bulk.

Lightweight and stylish including a 14-inch diagonal Full HD display and a 150-degree extra-wide hinge. Complete with AMD’s robust quad-core processing technology, A8-Pro-8600B with Radeon™ R6 Graphics, advanced I/O for your displays and devices from DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, USB, and USB-C™, and a long battery life.

The Mt42 comes integrated with HP management software that includes HP Device Manager, HP Velocity, and HP Easy Shell. Enjoy premium virtualization with top ISV partners, including Citrix®, VMware®, and Microsoft, plus features like an integrated browser for cloud connections, full enterprise receiver support, single sign-on support, and multimedia redirection.

Models available for quoting in iQuote are as follows:

EMEA ‘A’ Models: N9Z95AA,P0A00AA

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Great value, cloud ready, Thin Client

September 30, 2015

The HP t420.

PROD_t420The HP t420 Thin Client can be installed where you need it throughout your business. It fits into a range of compact work spaces and comes with an integrated VESA mount to enable mounting on a flat surface or behind a HP ProDisplay.

Tailor the installation with the operating system of choice—and enjoy simplified setup, deployment, and maintenance with HP Device Manager, a software tool available exclusively for HP Thin Clients.

The t420 has reliable flash memory storage and a fan-less design for ultra-quiet deployments. Choose a Global Series model and custom image to help ensure worldwide consistency and enjoy a three-year limited warranty.

Full specification details can be found in iQuote. Models available for quoting in iQuote are as follows:

EMEA and US Models: M5R75AT,M5R76AT,M5R72AT,M5R73AT,M5R74AT, M5R75AA,M5R76AA, M5R72AA,M5R73AA,M5R74AA

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Ultimate Cloud Convenience

July 16, 2015

Introducing the mt245 Mobile Thin Client.

PROD_mt245Mobile cloud computing is easier and more flexible than ever with the HP mt245 Mobile Thin Client. Employees can get the job done from just about anywhere thanks to professional cloud features with critical user experience and management software built right in—all at an affordable price.

The mt245 comes with Windows Embedded Standard tools to increase productivity. It is a lightweight device with a 14” diagonal HD screen and includes all that is expected with an HP device such as management software that includes HP Device Manager.

And of course, the best feature is… working remotely without local data means there’s no threat of exposure to unwarranted outlets, plus Windows with Write Filter defends against unauthorized updates and viruses.

The following models are now available in the US for quoting in iQuote:

US ‘A’ Model: N3G87AA
US Smart Buy Model: N2S64UT

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