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It’s in HP iQuote, it’s the HP 340 G1 Notebook

March 18, 2014

The HP 340 G1 Notebook PC provides a balance of affordable style with productivity that’s perfect for everyday computing. The durable construction protects the PC from the rigors of mobile use while maintaining its stylish look. Connect all devices using the full array of ports.
Built to last with HP 3D DriveGuard to protect data when on the go by
sensing sudden movement and protecting the hard drive and a layer of Mylar film under the keyboard to protect from minor spills. Also comes with HP PROD_340G1CoolSense Technology, which automatically adjusts the notebook’s temperature based on usage and conditions.

Models Available:
AMS Promotional:F7V07UT, F7V08UT, F7V09UT, G1Q51UT, G4S57UT

AMS Regional: F7V09UA, F7V19UA


HP Z1 G2 Workstation now in HP iQuote

March 17, 2014

It’s time to get creative. The HP Z1 G2 Workstation is HP’s elegant and innovative all-in-one workstation with a brilliant, large-screen display. Easily modify and change most components—no tools required.Unleash creativity with accelerated performance and world-class reliability. Customize the display with optional 10-point touch technology in a stunning edge-to-edge glass design. Now available to quote in HPiQuote.

PROD_Z1G2Models Available:
EMEA: WM663EA, WM664EA, WM665EA, WM666EA
AMS Promotional: F1K83UT, F1K84UT, F1K85UT


The powerful t820 Thin Client is now in HP iQuote

March 13, 2014

Ignite the IT environment with HP’s most powerful thin client solution.
HP’s powerful thin client is the full-featured solution to boost efficiency and performance. Get a responsive, smooth desktop experience from a superfast processor. Robust security options deliver superior data protection. Enable cost-effective, remote IT management – and simplify deployments – with the flexibility of a multi-protocol environment. Multiple monitors expand multitasking.



Global SKUs available:

E3T40UT, F3J94AT, F3J93AT, F3J93AA, E4R85AA, E3T40UA, F3J94AA


HP ProBook 440 G1 is now in HP iQuote

February 20, 2014

What do you think of the new ProBook?

The HP ProBook is built to perform. A durable design inside and out, with integrated security and a spill-resistant keyboard. Plus, there’s less bulk, thanks to thin, stylish construction. Made with a tough aluminium reinforced chassis for lightness and durability.

Models available:
AMS: F2P43UT, F2P44UT,F2P45UT, F2P96UT


HP 650 G1 and 655 G1 ProBooks Released in iQuote

February 3, 2014

PROD_PBK650G1Today we have released the HP 650 G1 and 655 G1 into iQuote. Take on tasks in the office or on the road with a durable HP ProBook 650 (Intel) or 655 (AMD). These ProBooks are thin, light and packed with productivity features to make work faster and easier. Plus, reliable security solutions keep data out of the wrong hands.

Models Available:PROD_PBK655G1

EMEA Promotional – F1N12ET, F1N82ET, F1N83ET, H5G82ET
AMS Promotional – F2R82UT, F2R87UT, F2R88UT, F2R74UT, F2R75UT, F2R44UT,  F2R12UT, F2R13UT, F2R14UT


HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 Notebooks released in iQuote

January 29, 2014

Today we have released the HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 Notebook families for you in iQuote.  Here is an overview of the new families;


Get connected with this value-priced notebook. Complete business tasks with either Intel or AMD technology, and the durable chassis in a matte charcoal colour protects the notebook from the rigors of the day.  Rest assured that the HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 families can keep up with assignments on the run.

PROD_255G2Models Available:
EMEA: F7X82EA, F7X87EA, F0Z46EA, F0Z50EA, F0Z59EA
AMS Smart Buy: F7V84UT, F7V85UT, F7V91UT, F7V92UT, F7V51UT, F7V52UT, F7V53UT, F7V54UT, F7V55UT, F7V56UT
AMS: F7V84UA, F7V85UA, F7V91UA, F7V52UA, F7V55UA


Top Recommended Options extended to HP ProLiant in HP iQuote

January 29, 2014

Drive options sales through Top Recommended Options in HP iQuote. First seen in PPS HP iQuote Top Recommended Options (TRO) has been extended to HP ProLiant. HP choose the TRO parts and it becomes the default option view for a system unit. From that view parts can be easily added to the Shopping Cart. Of course ‘view all options’ and ‘options search’ are still there too.

When a user exports to Excel the quotation will include TRO options but only if an option part from the same category is NOT in the Shopping Cart. So it’s intelligent up-selling.


If you have any feedback on this new feature please also use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.