Ultra thin and ultra bright

October 20, 2017

The HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2.

PROD_EBK1020G2High-performance specs, industry-leading security, and immersive collaboration are what you can expect from the HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2!

This machine is designed to support life on-the-go with extended battery life and HP Fast Charge.

It is now available for quoting in iQuote with the following models:

EMEA models – 1EP59EA, 1EP66EA, 1EP67EA, 1EP68EA, 1EP69EA, 1EQ16EA, 1EQ17EA, 1EQ18EA, 1EQ19EA, 1EQ20EA, 1EQ21EA, 1EQ22EA, 1EQ23EA, 1EQ24EA, 1EQ25EA, 1EQ26EA, 2TL72EA, 2TL73EA, 2UB79EA, V1A44EA

AMS models – 2UE38UT, 2UE40UT, 2UE42UT, 2UE44UT, 2UE46UT, 2UE50UT, 2UE51UT, 2UN95UT, 2UN24AW, 2UN26AW, 2UN28AW

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HP ProOne 400 G3 Touch All-in-One PC

October 17, 2017

PROD_PO400G3AiOThis easy to deploy, sleek, and feature-rich HP ProOne400 G3 20” All-in-One PC is new to iQuote. It has business-class collaboration, manageability, and security features. A sound investment for home or office.

It has a stylish design with edge-to-edge glass and extensive cable management to keep the office tidy! Interact naturally with your PC using optional ten-point capacitive touch and Cortana on Windows10 Pro. Expect great processing power with new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors that evoke tower-like performance.

The ProOne 400 G3 is available in iQuote with the following models:

EMEA models: 2KL96EA, 2KL98EA, 2KL99EA, 2KM00EA, 2KM01EA, 2KM02EA, 2KL45EA, 2KL46EA, 2KL56EA, 2KL57EA

AMS Smart Buy models: 1GH17UT, 1GH18UT, 1VC51UT, 1VC54UT, 1VC57UT, 1UF39UT, 1UF40UT, 1UF41UT, 1UF55UT, 1UF56UT

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A new level of power…

September 28, 2017

PROD_EBK1040G4…the HP EliteBook 1040 G4 Notebook PC.

With great power, comes great productivity. HP’s most powerful ultra-slim 35.56cm (14″)diagonal business notebook accelerates your day-to-day,and makes even your hardest tasks a breeze—with powerful multi-tasking, on-the-go collaboration, and industry-leading security.

This ultrathin device is packed with features and designed for conferencing with powerful audio, call management and a 180 degree hinge to share your screen in a huddle room.  There is a long battery life and with an optional quad-core Intel® Core™ processor it handles just about anything.

The Elitebook 1040 G4 is now available in iQuote for quoting with the following models:

EMEA models: 1EP72EA, 1EP73EA, 1EP74EA, 1EP75EA, 1EP76EA, 1EP77EA, 1EP78EA, 1EP79EA, 1EP80EA, 1EP81EA

AMS Smart Buy models: 2UL91UT, 2UL93UT, 2UL94UT, 2UL95UT

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HP’s new 5th Gen ProBook 400 Series

September 27, 2017

PROD_PBK450G5Full-featured, thin, and light, the HP ProBook 400 series lets professionals stay productive in the office and on the go. Stylish design, linear precision, and subtle curvature plus optional Quad Core performance and long battery life make this ProBook essential for today’s workforce.
Ideal for professionals in corporate settings or small to medium businesses, wanting an affordable combination of innovation, essential security and multimedia capabilities.

All of the ProBook 400 series laptops are available with up to a Core i7 Kaby Lake Refresh processor and up to 32GB of DDR4-2400 RAM. HP’s first to feature an option for a new CAT-9 modem for faster WWAN connections.

The specs for each ProBook model are similar but the 450 and 470 are available with a few additional options, such as NVIDIA GeForce 930MX discrete graphics.

Introducing the ProBook 400 Series:

•    ProBook 430 G5
•    ProBook 440 G5
•    ProBook 450 G5
•    ProBook 470 G5

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The HP t530 Thin Client series in iQuote

September 5, 2017

PROD_t530The first HP thin client made for the office of the future. Elegantly designed with essential performance and reliability, the HP t530 Thin Client meets the needs of today and the growing demands of tomorrow.

Whether doing offloaded processing or graphics rendering, you’ll get an amazing PC-like experience in the cloud with the newest AMD thin client technology.

The HP t530 has raised the stakes for thin client design. Get all the features needed in an exceptionally modern, compact device. And with quiet, solid-state operation and multiple deployment options, it fits perfectly into any workspace.

Now available in iQuote for the Americas region with the following models:

1MV66UA, 1MV66UT, 1MV51UA, 1MV51UT, 2DH77AA, 2DH77AT, 2DH78AA, 2DH78AT, 2DH79AA, 2DH79AT, 2DH80AA, 2DH80AT, 2DH81AA, 2DH81AT, 2DH82AA, 2DH82AT

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Accessorize your quotes!

September 4, 2017

Accessories and ServicesWe are delighted to announce a new product category in iQuote 2 for all accessories and services. This category has been introduced in iQuote 2 for  both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

What does this mean for the user?
 If you are using the new iQuote 2, it means you can now enhance your quotes to build a complete solution for your customers, increase your attach rates and in turn your revenue potential!

What accessories can you expect to find?
From additional memory, cables, batteries, and USB devices through to laptop bags and monitors, there are plenty of accessories to choose from.

The accessories feature is now live in iQuote 2 for users to start enhancing their quotes. Login to iQuote 2 today and start building your quotes.

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Introducing our new Red Hat Product Selector

August 31, 2017

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Red Hat Product Selector. We have been working with Red Hat to develop a solution that guides customers through a selection of filters to assist them in their buying journey.

Initially, the Product Selector is only available for use inside our Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) iQuote Configure, Price, Quote software but in time, it could be available elsewhere.

The Red Hat Product Selector has made it easier than ever to build a 100% validated quotation.

Simply login to iQuote as normal, select your base HPE unit and once you are through to the configuration screen, select ‘Software’ and ‘Red Hat’ and you will be presented with a selection of filters to choose from. Once you have chosen your requirements, our intelligent Product Selector will recommend which Red Hat products are compatible to build you a complete HPE Server solution.

Visit iQuote today and have a look at this brilliant new feature:

Red Hat Product Selector

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