The HP Z240 Workstation

December 18, 2015

Power, Price and Size.

PROD_Z240The world’s number one ranked entry level workstations feature a choice of Tower or SFF configurations. The HP Z240 packs the performance, features, and reliability of a workstation into the price point of a desktop PC.

Powerful processors, graphics, memory, and two optional ultra-fast HP Z Turbo Drive G21 storage devices make the HP Z240 a true workstation-class solution giving the ability to handle growing and complex workloads with performance for any stage in work process while still balancing IT budget. Thorough testing and ISV certification means the HP Z240 is designed as a long-term budget friendly solution.

Key Features:

  • Choice of next generation Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Core™ processors, or Intel® Pentium™ processors.
  • Up to 64 GB DDR4 ECC memory for no compromise capacity, performance, and reliability.
  • Reduce boot up, calculation, and response times with the optional HP Z Turbo Drive G2,4 a remarkably fast and innovative storage solution. Now with an option built into the HP Z240 motherboard.
  • USB front fast charging port to charge devices while the HP Z240 Workstation isn’t even turned on, and connect to peripherals with eight more USB 3.0 and three DisplayPort connections.
  • HP Performance Advisor

The HP Z240 is now available for quoting in iQuote with the following models:

AMS Smart Buy Models: L9K15UT,L9K16UT,L9K18UT,L9K19UT,L9K22UT,L9K23UT,L9K24UT,L9K57UT,L9K59UT,L9K62UT,L9K63UT,L9K66UT
AMS ‘A’ Models: L9K60UA,L9K61UA,L9K64UA
EMEA Top Value Models: J9C01ET,J9C11ET,J9C12ET
EMEA ‘A’ Models: J9C01EA,J9C02EA,J9C03EA,J9C04EA,J9C05EA,J9C06EA,J9C07EA,J9C08EA,J9C09EA,J9C11EA

iQuote is Configure, Price, Quote Software developed for HP Inc. by www.channelcentral.net/cpq

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