Bring the cloud to work

November 4, 2015

HP Chromebook 14 G4.

HP Chromebook 14 G4Make the move to a cloud-based infrastructure with the HP Chromebook 14. Get down to business with Intel® Celeron® processors, an optional Full HD IPS panel, Citrix®-certified VDI compatibility, and access to Google Apps for Work.

Users can customize the Chromebook with the latest apps, tools, themes and extensions any time from the Chrome Web Store. Store up to 100GB of files for two years filed in your own secure Google Drive storage. Pick from configurations that vary by processor, memory, storage and type of display to find the right Chromebook 14 to help you meet the demands of your work.

The Chromebook 14 is now available for quoting in iQuote. The models available are:

EMEA ‘A’ Models: P5T60EA,P5T61EA,P5T62EA,P5T65EA,P5T66EA
US Smart Buy Models: T4M31UT,T4M32UT,T4M34UT

iQuote is CPQ Software developed for HP Inc. by www.channelcentral.net/cpq

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