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Great value, cloud ready, Thin Client

September 30, 2015

The HP t420.

PROD_t420The HP t420 Thin Client can be installed where you need it throughout your business. It fits into a range of compact work spaces and comes with an integrated VESA mount to enable mounting on a flat surface or behind a HP ProDisplay.

Tailor the installation with the operating system of choice—and enjoy simplified setup, deployment, and maintenance with HP Device Manager, a software tool available exclusively for HP Thin Clients.

The t420 has reliable flash memory storage and a fan-less design for ultra-quiet deployments. Choose a Global Series model and custom image to help ensure worldwide consistency and enjoy a three-year limited warranty.

Full specification details can be found in iQuote. Models available for quoting in iQuote are as follows:

EMEA and US Models: M5R75AT,M5R76AT,M5R72AT,M5R73AT,M5R74AT, M5R75AA,M5R76AA, M5R72AA,M5R73AA,M5R74AA

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Reduce cabling, increase Network Ports

September 16, 2015

The HP NJ5000 Walljack Switch Series.

PROD_NJ5000HP NJ5000-5G-PoE+ Walljack is a compact 10/100/1000 switch that can be installed in a standard wall outlet box, quickly converting an existing single-port LAN wall outlet into four switched Gigabit Ethernet ports. This walljack can provide a simple solution for adding network ports without running more cabling. Unlike conventional desktop switches, HP NJ5000 resides out of the way— in-the-wall—and so are more secure.

The innovative HP NJ5000 Walljack provides four Ethernet ports for local connectivity plus one uplink port. It can be powered via standard PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or PoE (IEEE 802.3af), with capability of forwarding PoE on up to two ports to directly power attached devices such as IP phones or wireless access points.

The HP NJ5000 Walljack supports Layer 2 switching, with features like VLANs, Spanning Tree, RSTP, and MSTP. It comes with full enterprise-class management capability via the SNMP, CLI, and Web GUI, with flexibility of changing to unmanaged mode for plug-and-play simple deployment. The switch includes a limited lifetime warranty, as well as 24×7 phone support for the first three years of ownership.

It is available in iQuote for quoting with the following Global SKU: JH237A

View in iQuote today at

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What is a Configurator?

September 4, 2015

Configurators can be used in many different industries in a B2B or B2C context. They are probably most commonly known in the car industry for buyers to customize their purchase with tinted windows, sports seats, low profile tyres etc. Essentially, a configurator is a piece of software that acts as a design tool to build a desired solution. Configurators are being used throughout the sales cycle whether that be the Manufacturer, Reseller or End User. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Organizations become more efficient as the sales cycle becomes shorter due to fewer touch points, reducing the strain on resources.
  • Reduces order errors. Built in validation rules means the configurator gets solutions right, every time.
  • Faster Product Life-Cycles with a rapid route to market.
  • Invaluable reporting – Learn everything about how a customer shops and measure trends.
  • Increase Revenue – Upsell potential is greater as the software can provide prompts during the configuration and a larger number of sales will be made as sales teams will have more time.
  • Provide a more personal service to your customers by treating them as individuals who want a bespoke solution.

Increasingly, configurators are being used in the IT Channel. They are the perfect solution to upgrade system components, swap out an Operating System, select optional upgrades and add in additional warranty for example. A configurator doesn’t need to just end there however. Imagine a software package that also gives you Real-Time pricing/stock and not only allows you to produce a quotation but also make a purchase to place an order. This is now possible and is known as Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Software.

Here at channelcentral, we have built our business developing Configure, Price, Quote Software for the IT Channel. We are experts in our field and can provide ‘off the shelf’ CPQ Software which can be customized or we can develop you your very own solution. Better still, our CPQ software can be fully integrated into your ecommerce or CRM systems.

Consider how a Configurator could help your business grow … it could be more valuable than you think.

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