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Hello to Windows 10…

July 30, 2015

… in iQuote.

cortanahero copySo, yesterday we saw the release of Windows 10. Here we summarise at a very top level the changes you can expect from the new release and which HP Windows 10 models are available in iQuote.

There are lots of new features with Windows 10 but these are the ones that we consider to be the best:

• The start menu is back! It’s a combination of the Windows 7 start menu and the tiles view of windows 8
• Cortana has been introduced on PCs and tablets – no longer limited to the Windows phones
• New Edge browser which will replace Internet Explorer
• A bundle of apps including Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People & Messaging and Mail & Calendar (and presumably more in the future) will look and feel the same across different devices and screen sizes

Microsoft have listened to customer feedback for its latest release and have become more consistent across devices. Many users will have begun their software updates already but some will use this release as an excuse to get new hardware too.

Here are the HP Models available with Windows 10 in iQuote today:

HP 280 G1
HP EliteOne 800 G1 AiO

HP ProBook 430/450/455/470 G2
HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1/1040 G2
HP EliteBook 725/745/755 G2 – Models available in US
HP EliteBook 820/840/850 G2 – Models available in US

There will be lots more coming soon too, so make sure you keep checking back.

Start quoting Windows 10 today in iQuote!

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5 Stars for the HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9

July 27, 2015

A compact but powerful tower that’s ideal for SMBs and remote offices.

ml150_gen9_6_x_4“SMBs looking to upgrade to a purpose-built tower server will find HP’s new ProLiant ML150 Gen9 has everything they could possibly want and at a price that’ll suit their budget.” Dave Mitchell, IT Pro

A recent review in IT Pro has given rave reviews and 5 stars to the HP ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server.  It has been praised for its well-designed solid chassis, its accessibility, and general ease of management. The ML150 Gen9 comes with a big selection of storage configurations and Mitchell’s review states users are spoilt for choice when it comes to Hard Disks. The praise doesn’t end there either:

“The jewel in this server’s crown is its embedded iLO4 controller which shares access with the first Gigabit port and offers some of the best remote monitoring tools around. The inclusive iLO4 Standard license provides agentless server monitoring with heaps of data on critical components and access to remote power controls.”

And in conclusion: “There’s little we can fault it for, making it highly recommended for SMBs that want a well specified tower server at a price they can afford.”

So, what are you waiting for? Read the review and quote the ML150 Gen9 as the ideal solution for your SMB customers in HP iQuote.

Available for quoting in HP iQuote. HP iQuote is a Configure, Price, Quote tool developed for HP by


StoreEasy 3850 Gateway Storage Blade

July 17, 2015

It’s as great as it sounds!

PROD_X3800G5GSBThe HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage Blade comes with a new breed of optimized, efficient, secure, and highly available file storage gateways to easily address medium to large businesses, branches or workgroup file and application storage for SANs. It saves time and money by supporting hundreds to thousands of concurrent users and multiple diverse workloads with a non-intrusive data de-duplication that provides an average 50-60% in space savings.

Security features offer built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, and online snapshots. Run endpoint protection and backup software on-board so that data is protected at rest and in flight.

It is highly available with turnkey clustered configurations, transparent failover, and online maintenance to deliver near continuous availability of data to users, servers, and applications – a robust storage platform for demanding 24×7 environments.

The StoreEasy 3850 is available Worldwide and can be quoted in iQuote. The Worldwide SKU is K2R72A.

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Ultimate Cloud Convenience

July 16, 2015

Introducing the mt245 Mobile Thin Client.

PROD_mt245Mobile cloud computing is easier and more flexible than ever with the HP mt245 Mobile Thin Client. Employees can get the job done from just about anywhere thanks to professional cloud features with critical user experience and management software built right in—all at an affordable price.

The mt245 comes with Windows Embedded Standard tools to increase productivity. It is a lightweight device with a 14” diagonal HD screen and includes all that is expected with an HP device such as management software that includes HP Device Manager.

And of course, the best feature is… working remotely without local data means there’s no threat of exposure to unwarranted outlets, plus Windows with Write Filter defends against unauthorized updates and viruses.

The following models are now available in the US for quoting in iQuote:

US ‘A’ Model: N3G87AA
US Smart Buy Model: N2S64UT

Access iQuote today and find your solution.

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Have you seen the HP EasyStore 1550 yet?

July 15, 2015

It is ready and waiting in iQuote.

PROD_X1500G5HP StoreEasy systems are a new breed of optimized, efficient, secure, and highly available storage solutions. The 1550 has been designed for small businesses, branch offices, and workgroup environments.

HP StoreEasy Storage integrate easily into new and existing environments – including SAN environments – offering your storage administrators and IT generalists a straightforward, consistent management experience.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • HP StoreEasy Storage comes with pre-configured hardware with the latest generation OS for purpose-built file storage.
  • HP StoreEasy Dashboard consolidates all key status information such as performance.
  • HDD bundles make it easier for you to buy, deploy, and provision additional storage capacity over the life of the product.
  • File sync and share features enable mobile workers to access their files from anywhere.
  • HP StoreEasy Storage, protects data while as rest with file system encryption and BitLocker Drive Encryption, and while it is being transferred with SMB encryption and signing.
  • Increases uptime with standard features such as near continuous health monitoring.

Additionally, features like HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) remote management and HP System Insight Manager (SIM) integration make StoreEasy Storage models stand out against other file storage products.

Models available Worldwide for quoting in HP iQuote are:
K2R63A, K2R64A, K2R65A

Login to HP iQuote today and quote your HP StoreEasy Solution!

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New Feature in iCreate

July 2, 2015

Helping you Choose!

iCreate Help Me ChooseOur iCreate tool just got even better! The iCreate service is developed for Westcoast Distribution UK and is a Configure/ Price/ Quote tool for their HP Product Portfolio.

channelcentral have just released a new feature in the tool to help users create their perfect solution. The feature is called ‘Help Me Choose’. Once the user is logged into the tool they can select this new feature at any level from as early on as selecting the system type or product family through to individual models. Upon clicking ‘Help me Choose’ users will be presented with a number of criteria to select from. These options will act as a filter so that the user is then given the products that fit the criteria required. Not only will it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to configure HP Solutions but it also enables less experienced sales staff to tackle complex customer requirements, freeing up your technical teams to support customers.

Configuring an HP Solution has never been simpler! Just look out for this button next time you login. image

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