More from the Elite Family

May 6, 2015

The HP 800 Series.

Elitebook 800 SeriesBuilt to handle the demands of virtually any business environment and packed with enterprise-class high performance technology. The 800 Series includes powerful manageability features that allow control of an entire fleet of HP Elite PCs, and robust security solutions that help protect data, and devices.

The series includes 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, improved long battery life, and high performance storage options including PCIe SSD. Simply choose between screen formats as follows:

  • HP EliteBook 820: 12.5-inch diagonal HD, HD Premium or HD Premium Touch
  • HP EliteBook 840: 14.0-inch diagonal HD, HD+ (including a touch-enabled option), or FHD
  • HP EliteBook 850: 15.6-inch diagonal HD or FHD

There are many models available in HP iQuote as listed here:

820 G2 EMEA ‘A’ Models:
J8R50EA,J8R54EA,J8R55EA,J8R57EA,J8R58EA,J8R59EA,J8R93EA, L8U10EA

820 EMEA Top Value Models:
L8T39ET, L8U11ET

820 G2 US ‘A’ Models:
L3Z36UA, L3Z37UAL3Z38UA,L3Z39UA, L3Z41UA

820 G2 US Smart Buy Models:
L3Z31UT,L3Z32UT,L3Z33UT,L3Z34UT,L3Z35UT,L3Z36UT,L3Z37UT,L3Z38UT,L3Z39UT.L3Z40UT, L3Z41UT

840 EMEA Top Value Models:

840 G2 US ‘A’ Models:
L4A19UA,L4A20UA,L3Z71UA,L3Z72UA, L3Z73UA

840 G2 US Smart Buy Models:

850 EMEA Top Value Models:

850 G2 US ‘A’ Models:

850 G2 US Smart Buy Models:
L3Z80UT,L3Z86UT,L3Z87UT,L3Z88UT,L3Z89UT,L4A22UT,L4A23UT,L4A24UT,L4A25UT,L4A26UT,L4A27UT, M5G96UT

Why not search for one of the models today in HP iQuote?

HP iQuote is developed for HP by www.channelcentral.net

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