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Server of the Year! HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

May 26, 2015

PC Pro Recognition.

MicroServerGen8The MicroServer Gen8 is a small, quiet, and stylishly designed server that is ideal as a first server solution for small businesses. With an easy-to-use and service form factor, it can help your SMB customers drive down their expenses while improving productivity, efficiency, and security.

The server has just won “Server of the Year” with PC Pro Magazine. Dave Mitchell of PC Pro has written the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Review.

In his review, Mitchell is impressed by the MicroServer Gen8’s build quality, internal access, and its noise and power specs, and states it is a fine candidate for virtualization testing. “However, the two features that really stand out are its remote-management and OS-deployment tools.” he explains. “The original MicroServer supported HP’s optional RAC (remote access card), but this one comes with the standard iLO4 chip found on higher-end ProLiants. This provides a dedicated network port at the rear and a web interface that delivers masses of data to every system component, plus HP’s Intelligent Provisioning makes OS installation a breeze.

The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 range is available for quoting in HP iQuote. Login today and take look!

HP iQuote is a Configure/ Price/ Quote tool; developed for HP by


What is CPQ?

May 19, 2015

Another acronym.

In the Software Development world, CPQ stands for Configure/ Price/ Quote.

For industries such as the IT Channel where Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers have a set of complex products that can be built to customer requirements, a CPQ tool is revolutionary. A user of the tool can select their system, configure it with built-in validation rules for accuracy, check price and stock and quote their customer in record time.

Here are just some of the benefits of introducing a CPQ into your business:

  • Consistent approach to configuring and quoting so staff and customers have set expectations.
  • Improved accuracy – quote it Right, First Time!
  • Improved Security – Less risk of losing data as quotes are stored in the cloud.
  • Improved product information.
  • Instant growth in the number of quotations.
  • Reduced overheads.
  • Faster quote turnaround time.
  • Ability to quote anywhere either through your browser or a Smartphone App.
  • Increase in revenue!

A good example of a CPQ is iQuote which is developed for Hewlett Packard by channelcentral. It contains the entire HP Product Portfolio and is set-up as a fully managed service; or to introduce another acronym, SAAS (Software-as-a-Service). Take a look at iQuote in action for a great example of a CPQ!

If you would like to talk to channelcentral about developing a bespoke CPQ service for your business or just to ask how it may work in your business environment, contact us.


A reliable friend to have in business

May 14, 2015

The HP 340 & 350 G2 Notebooks.

HP 350 G2 NotebookAn affordably priced notebook to stay productive in or out of the office. With a durable design it stays protected during mobile use and has a full array of ports for easy connection to other devices.
The system is preinstalled with Windows 7 Professional and also comes with a license and media for Windows 8 Pro software. The HP 340 & 350 G2 Models have a 14” and 15.6” diagonal display.

Models Available in HP iQuote:

340 G2 Smart Buy Models (US ONLY):

350 G2 Smart Buy Models (US & EMEA):

HP iQuote is developed by HP for


The HP StoreEasy 1000 Family

May 12, 2015

Flexible File and Application Storage.

StoreEasy 1000 FamilyHP StoreEasy 1000 Storage is optimized, efficient, secure and highly available to easily address file and application storage. For small to medium business, branch offices, and workgroup environments you can easily and economically support large numbers of users and store growing volumes of files such as documents, images, and media files.

It also has non-intrusive data de-duplication that provides an average 50-60% in space savings. It provides security through features such as built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, online snapshots, and the ability to run endpoint protection and backup software on-board so that data is protected at rest and in flight.

The following StoreEasy models are in HP iQuote and are built on the latest HP ProLiant Generation 9 Servers. Available Worldwide.

StoreEasy 1450
SKUs – K2R12A, K2R13A, K2R14A

StoreEasy 1650
SKUs – K2R16A, K2R17A, K2R18A

StoreEasy 1850
SKU – K2R20A

HP iQuote is developed for HP by


Everything a Business UltraBook should be

May 8, 2015

The HP EliteBook Folio 1040.

EliteBook Folio 1040HP’s thinnest enterprise-class 14-inch diagonal Ultrabook™ packed with an impressive Intel® Core™ i7 processor, security, and manageability features to help bring out the best.

The EliteBook Folio 1040 is lightweight but has a strong aluminium alloy deck and a spill-resistant backlit keyboard.

It has had some great reviews but don’t just take our word for it, watch this short video to see what the Tech Bloggers are saying about it!

The following models are available for quoting in HP iQuote:

EMEA Top Value Models:

EMEA ‘A’ Models:

US Smart Buy Models:

US ‘A’ Models:

Global Models:

HP iQuote is developed for HP by


iCreate 2.0 has landed at Westcoast

May 7, 2015

Configure, price and quote!

HP2707 - iCreate Banner

iCreate is a Configure/Price/Quote tool that has developed exclusively for Westcoast Distribution UK. Its popularity has grown and grown and as a result, we are pleased to be introducing iCreate 2.0!

The tool is developed for Westcoast customers to configure HP products. The portfolio has recently been extended from just HP Workstations to now include Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets and Thin Clients. What’s more, the validation feature has been significantly developed to include alerts throughout a configuration – users are guided and given prompts to ensure compatibility.

iCreate fully enables Reseller partners to maximise HP PC Hardware opportunities, giving expert advice, actively enhancing the sales process without users even knowing it.  The iCreate tool is easy to use and, with the latest version improving functionality even more, it makes PC configuration accessible to all, not just Technical Whizzes!

Why not visit iCreate and take a look at the new interface and features?

Westcoast Partners are delighted with it:

“iCreate is such a fantastic and user friendly reseller tool. The fact that it now has the entire HP PPS catalogue available is fantastic. The validation note feature is brilliant, exporting makes it easy to get HP special bid pricing. The Thin client config finder is such a brilliant feature. A lot of work and thought has gone into this software development, credit to the geniuses who worked on this. All in all a really, really advanced and useful tool that will make it easier for sales to sell HP!”
Vanita Kalidas – Misco

Watch the iCreate ‘How To’ video to see how it can work for you!

HP iCreate is developed for Westcoast Distribution UK by


More from the Elite Family

May 6, 2015

The HP 800 Series.

Elitebook 800 SeriesBuilt to handle the demands of virtually any business environment and packed with enterprise-class high performance technology. The 800 Series includes powerful manageability features that allow control of an entire fleet of HP Elite PCs, and robust security solutions that help protect data, and devices.

The series includes 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, improved long battery life, and high performance storage options including PCIe SSD. Simply choose between screen formats as follows:

  • HP EliteBook 820: 12.5-inch diagonal HD, HD Premium or HD Premium Touch
  • HP EliteBook 840: 14.0-inch diagonal HD, HD+ (including a touch-enabled option), or FHD
  • HP EliteBook 850: 15.6-inch diagonal HD or FHD

There are many models available in HP iQuote as listed here:

820 G2 EMEA ‘A’ Models:
J8R50EA,J8R54EA,J8R55EA,J8R57EA,J8R58EA,J8R59EA,J8R93EA, L8U10EA

820 EMEA Top Value Models:
L8T39ET, L8U11ET

820 G2 US ‘A’ Models:
L3Z36UA, L3Z37UAL3Z38UA,L3Z39UA, L3Z41UA

820 G2 US Smart Buy Models:
L3Z31UT,L3Z32UT,L3Z33UT,L3Z34UT,L3Z35UT,L3Z36UT,L3Z37UT,L3Z38UT,L3Z39UT.L3Z40UT, L3Z41UT

840 EMEA Top Value Models:

840 G2 US ‘A’ Models:
L4A19UA,L4A20UA,L3Z71UA,L3Z72UA, L3Z73UA

840 G2 US Smart Buy Models:

850 EMEA Top Value Models:

850 G2 US ‘A’ Models:

850 G2 US Smart Buy Models:
L3Z80UT,L3Z86UT,L3Z87UT,L3Z88UT,L3Z89UT,L4A22UT,L4A23UT,L4A24UT,L4A25UT,L4A26UT,L4A27UT, M5G96UT

Why not search for one of the models today in HP iQuote?

HP iQuote is developed for HP by