Expand your Power with the Z440 Workstation

November 5, 2014

New to HP iQuote.

PROD_Z440CRDAchieve massive performance with a single processor personal workstation delivering support for up to 8 cores of processing power with Intel® Xeon® processors. Add in powerful graphics from NVIDIA® or AMD, support for up to 8 displays, lightning-fast data transfers using Thunderbolt 2 technology, game changing speed with the HP Z Turbo Drive, and HP Remote Graphics Software and you get a world-class workstation experience that never slows you down.



Models Available in HP iQuote:

EMEA ‘A’ Models:

US ‘A’ Models:

US Smart Buys: F1M40UT,F1M41UT,F1M42UT,F1M43UT,F1M44UT,F1M45UT,F1M47UT,F1M48UT,

AMS ‘A’ Models: K7P33LA,K7P34LA,K7P36LA,K7P29LA,K7P46LA,K7P47LA,K7P30LA

AMS Smart Buys:

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