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HP ProBook 430 & 450 G2 Notebook PCs

June 24, 2014

It’s all in the touch!

PROD_PBK430G2The compact HP ProBook 430 G2 with optional 10-point touchscreen, sleek design, and latest generation technologies delivers powerful performance in the office or on the go. Proven reliability and comprehensive HP security features help keep data and investment protected. Features a stylish soft touch paint on the LCD cover and brushed aluminium keyboard as well as the latest touch screen technology. The ProBook 430 is the entry level model 13” format which is smaller and lighter than the other products in the family.

430 Models Available US Smart Buy SKUs: J5N32UT,J5N33UT,J5N34UT EMEA Models: See HP iQuote

PROD_PBK450G2The ProBook 450 G2 has the same features and benefits of the 430 model but is more suited to those that prefer a larger format with 15” display.

450 Models Available US Smart Buy Models: J5P12UT,J5P13UT,J5P14UT,J5N38UT EMEA Models: See HP iQuote


The storage ARRAY is dead, long live the storage ARRAY

June 2, 2014

msa_1040The newly released MS 1040 is the successor to the P2000 range. The MSA 1040 builds upon the heritage of HP storage arrays. As a replacement for the P2000 the MSA 1040 has 50% more performance and is factory configured dual controller array with either 1GbE iSCSI, 10 GbE iSCSI or 8Gb Fibre Channel.  Each MSA 1040 has 4 ports (two per controller).  It has 2X the controller cache, and faster processors than the P2000.

Did you know? The MSA 1040 can have a maximum of three disk enclosures (3); consisting of MSA 2040 LFF disk enclosures and/or D2700 SFF disk and that can equate to 48 LFF or 99 SFF drives!

For more information on MSA 1040 have a look here:

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