Latest StoreOnce models are available in iQuote

January 7, 2014

Last week, we made the HP StoreVirtual 2700, 4500 and 4700 models available for you in iQuote.  HP describes the new models as follows:

PROD_D2D2700G3StoreOnce 2700 – Affordable disk-based data protection in a convenient 1U rack-mount solution, delivering up to 5.5TB usable capacity and StoreOnce de-duplication to typically retain up to 20x more data.

PROD_D2D4500G3StoreOnce 4500 – HP StoreOnce base unit at 2U with 24 TB of RAW capacity (16 TB usable). Optional Expansion/capacity upgrade kit to a total of 48TB RAW (36 TB usable).

PROD_D2D4700G3StoreOnce 4700 – HP StoreOnce 4700 base unit including Expansion Unit provides total of 24TB RAW (20TB usable). Up to 7 additional StoreOnce 4500 /4700 Expansion Units can be added to provide up to 192TB (160TB usable).

Models Available:
BB877A, BB878A, BB879A

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