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HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 Notebooks released in iQuote

January 29, 2014

Today we have released the HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 Notebook families for you in iQuote.  Here is an overview of the new families;


Get connected with this value-priced notebook. Complete business tasks with either Intel or AMD technology, and the durable chassis in a matte charcoal colour protects the notebook from the rigors of the day.  Rest assured that the HP 250 G2 and 255 G2 families can keep up with assignments on the run.

PROD_255G2Models Available:
EMEA: F7X82EA, F7X87EA, F0Z46EA, F0Z50EA, F0Z59EA
AMS Smart Buy: F7V84UT, F7V85UT, F7V91UT, F7V92UT, F7V51UT, F7V52UT, F7V53UT, F7V54UT, F7V55UT, F7V56UT
AMS: F7V84UA, F7V85UA, F7V91UA, F7V52UA, F7V55UA


Top Recommended Options extended to HP ProLiant in HP iQuote

January 29, 2014

Drive options sales through Top Recommended Options in HP iQuote. First seen in PPS HP iQuote Top Recommended Options (TRO) has been extended to HP ProLiant. HP choose the TRO parts and it becomes the default option view for a system unit. From that view parts can be easily added to the Shopping Cart. Of course ‘view all options’ and ‘options search’ are still there too.

When a user exports to Excel the quotation will include TRO options but only if an option part from the same category is NOT in the Shopping Cart. So it’s intelligent up-selling.


If you have any feedback on this new feature please also use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


HP iQuote now offers self-service Clones

January 27, 2014

Hosts that deploy Clones can now create them using the Admin Portal. Clones are a simple way for a Host to provide a free copy of HP iQuote to each individual customer. The site is identical to the Host’s own HP iQuote except it includes the Host’s margin. The Clone has complete autonomy over user access, the only restriction being that users must have the same email domain(s). For example, a Distributor may provide Clones to its Reseller customers individually.


Historically Hosts had to request Clones via email and it was a manual process. Now simply add them via the Admin Panel.

In addition, a point of detail – if the Host provides 2 prices in their data feed the Clones can now be based on either price.

If you have any feedback on this new feature please also use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


HP iQuote now supports additional margin calculation

January 24, 2014

Companies that operate Cost Plus margin are now supported. HP iQuote’s International reach means that it encounters different accounting practices. A recent experience has been that there are countries where Retained Margin is not common (the HP iQuote default margin calculation). Instead, Cost Plus is the standard calculation in this region.


To ensure that HP iQuote fits a country rather than a country fitting HP iQuote, there is a new “Host Variable” which means a Distributor or Reseller that hosts HP iQuote can choose whether the margin calculation is Retained Margin or Cost Plus.

Example: Cost Plus is €100 * 1.05 and Retained Margin is €100 / 0.95.

To request a change from Retained Margin to Cost Plus simply contact via the Feedback Form requesting this change.

If you have any feedback on this new feature please also use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


HP Care Pack “Help Me Choose” now available for HP ProLiants

January 24, 2014

HP iQuote “Help Me Choose” Care Pack selector extended from HP PPS to HP ISS. 
With an impressive choice of HP Care Packs available to provide hardware-based support for HP ProLiants it can be difficult to locate the best option to quote. HP iQuote now offers a great solution with the addition of a “Help Me Choose” function. Use the service parameters to shortlist suitable services and then simply add them to the Shopping Cart.

HP iQuote will always load “Help Me Choose” with a default offering. However, users can vary key service attributes such as:

  • Service Duration
  • Response Time
  • Service Level
  • DMR and other Options

ISS Help Me Choose

The matching Care Packs are listed below and update without a browser refresh. Simple click to add to the Shopping Cart. Users are still able to search for services by part number or description.

It’s  incredibly easy to use and fast to locate the best service to quote. If you have any feedback on this feature please use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


Latest StoreOnce models are available in iQuote

January 7, 2014

Last week, we made the HP StoreVirtual 2700, 4500 and 4700 models available for you in iQuote.  HP describes the new models as follows:

PROD_D2D2700G3StoreOnce 2700 – Affordable disk-based data protection in a convenient 1U rack-mount solution, delivering up to 5.5TB usable capacity and StoreOnce de-duplication to typically retain up to 20x more data.

PROD_D2D4500G3StoreOnce 4500 – HP StoreOnce base unit at 2U with 24 TB of RAW capacity (16 TB usable). Optional Expansion/capacity upgrade kit to a total of 48TB RAW (36 TB usable).

PROD_D2D4700G3StoreOnce 4700 – HP StoreOnce 4700 base unit including Expansion Unit provides total of 24TB RAW (20TB usable). Up to 7 additional StoreOnce 4500 /4700 Expansion Units can be added to provide up to 192TB (160TB usable).

Models Available:
BB877A, BB878A, BB879A


New HP ProDesk families available in iQuote

January 6, 2014

In recent weeks, we have released the HP ProDesk 400, 405 and 490 families for you in iQuote.  Here follows HP’s overview;


Keep growing your business, not your expenses. The HP ProDesk 400 G1 Series offers expandable desktop PC options that meet your everyday business needs with enough room to grow. Watch your business flourish while maximizing the total cost of ownership—now that’s a smart investment.
The HP ProDesk 4xx series offers your choice of the latest AMD or Intel processor technology, plus advanced graphics. Go on, choose between two chassis, depending on your workspace – either the microtower (MT) or the small form factor (SFF).

Models Available:
EMEA Regional SKUs – D5S26EA, D5T59EA, D5T60EA, D5T62EA, D5T63EA, D5T64EA, D5T65EA, D5T68EA, D5T69EA, D5T70EA, D5T71EA
AMS Promotional SKUs – E3U19UT, E3U20UT, E3U21UT, E3U22UT, E3U27UT, E3U28UT, E3T27UT, E3T28UT