HP EliteBook 820 and 840 released in iQuote

December 19, 2013

Today we have released the HP EliteBook 820 and 840 families for you in iQuote. Here are some highlights that cover both families;

PROD_EBK820Ultra-productive in and out of the office thanks to security, performance and management features.

Join forces with the latest generation Intel® architecture and operate at peak performance levels with Intel Smart Response Technology for disk cache and expand total storage options with an additional mini-card SSD.
Never fear accidental bumps and minor spills. HP EliteBooks undergo challenging tests so you don’t have to. During the HP Total Test Process, PCs experience 115,000 hours of performance trials to ensure they can withstand rigorous work environments.

Models Available:
EMEA Promotional SKUs: H5G05ET, H5G07ET, H5G10ET, H5G12ET, H5G14ET, H5G15ET, H5G18ET, H5G19ET, H5G20ET, H5G22ET, H5G24ET, H5G26ET, H5G28ET, H5G31ET
AMS Promotional SKUs: F2P28UT, F2P29UT, F2P30UT, F2P31UT, F2P33UT, E3W24UT, E3W25UT, E3W26UT, E3W27UT, E3W28UT, E3W29UT, E3W30UT

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