HP Z230 Workstation Series available in iQuote

September 23, 2013

Today, we have released the HP Z230 Workstation family for you in iQuote.  The Z230 is available in two form factors, as follows;

PROD_Z230HP Z230 Small Form Factor
Engineered to impress. The redesigned HP Z230 Small Form Factor Workstation provides the capability and flexibility you demand in a 61% smaller form factor than the tower.

HP Z230 Tower
Built for heavy 24/7/365 workloads, with amazingly flexible storage and IO capabilities, the affordable HP Z230 Tower Workstation efficiently handles all the processes of today’s demanding business applications.

Models Available
EMEA Promotional SKUs: WM567ET, WM565ET, WM569ET, WM572ET, WM574ET, WM575ET, WM576ET, WM577ET, WM578ET
EMEA Regional SKUs: WM564EA, WM566EA, WM568EA, WM570EA, WM571EA, WM573EA, WM579EA, WM580EA
AMS: E2A99UA, E2B00UA, E2B09UA, E2B19UA, F1J78UA

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