HP Z220 Workstations in HP iQuote

September 24, 2012

AMS and EMEA Models available to quote right now. Regional, Smart Buys and Top Value SKUs all added.

Z220 CMT SmallMore power, less energy, still affordable
Our most affordable, no-compromise workstations. The HP Z220 series delivers workstation performance and energy efficiency at prices you’d expect from a desktop PC. You’ll get the power you need with next-generation Intel Xeon and Intel Core processors, four integrated USB 3.0 ports, new professional graphics options, and enterprise-class memory technologies. Available as a Convertible Minitower (CMT) or a Small Form Factor (SFF), HP offers the design that fits you best.

SKU Information
EMEA Top Value: WM465ET, WM466ET, WM467ET, WM468ET, WM469ET, WM471ET, WM473ET, WM475ET, WM481ET, WM482ET, WM483ET, WM485ET
EMEA Regional: WM458EA, WM459EA, WM460EA, WM461EA, WM462EA, WM463EA

AMS Smart Buy: B5P07UT, B5P08UT, B5P15UT, B8U95UT, C1D79UT, C1E72UT, B5P09UT, B5P10UT, B5P16UT, B8U94UT, C1D80UT, C1D81UT, C1E73UT
AMS Regional: C1D82UA, B8U96UA, C1D81UA

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