HP Thin Clients now in HP iQuote

July 12, 2012

Nine new HP Thin Client Range added to HP PSG iQuote. Customers told us that despite the relatively low amount of configuration they wanted to have a single tool for PSG quotations. So we’ve recently added T510, T5550, T5565, T5565z, T5570, T5570e, T5740e, T5745 and T610 ranges to HP iQuote. Initially in the UK only but potential to expand.

Thin Client Small

If you would like HP Thin Clients in your HP iQuote Instance please contact us through the Feedback link or via Twitter/LinkedIn.

Part Number Information:
t510: H2P19AT, H2P21AT, H2P23AT
t5550: H1M19AT
t5565: H1M21AA, H1M21AT, H1M23AA
t5565z: H1M11AT
t5570:  H1M15AA, H1M15AT
t5570e: A1W84AT
t5740e: XL424AT
t5745: VU908AA
t610: H1Y42AT. H1Y48AT

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