HP Z820 Workstation now on iQuote

June 7, 2012

The new Z820 worksations have now been added to iQuote. There are US Smart Buy and A Models as well as EMEA A Models that have been put live for this family.

HP describes this workstation as follows:

“Built for high-end computing and visualization. The dual-processor HP Z820 Workstation delivers outstanding performance, award-winning industrial design, and tool-free serviceability in the industry’s most expandable chassis. With next generation Intel Xeon processors, support for up to 16 processing cores, and the latest professional graphics, you’ll tackle even the most demanding projects like never before.”

US Smart Buy Models:

  • B2C03UT, B2C05UT, B2C06UT, B2C07UT, B2C08UT, B2C09UT, B2C10UT, B2C11UT

US A Models:

  • B5M98UA, B5P64UA, B5P96UA

EMEA A Models:

  • WM441EA, WM442EA, WM443EA, WM456EA

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